Whether we like it or not, we are more addicted to our smartphones than ever before. This is something that many large businesses have latched onto and capitalised on to direct custom their way via social media. However, many small businesses and start-ups have been slow to utilize the digital platform to optimise their growth. Whether that’s due to lack of finance, or just a general feeling of not knowing where to start, here are our tips for getting up to speed with the digital era:


Nominate a person to own it

Many small businesses don’t have the funds to employ a full time social media expert and that doesn’t have to be a problem. Instead, nominate an employee and make them that expert. This person doesn’t have to be trawling through Twitter or Facebook pages at all hours of the day, but –dedicating just a few hours per week to keeping things up to date can make all the difference.  Even though there may be some training required, consider it a worthwhile investment as this one person can teach the next person in the office and, before you know it everyone in the office will be fully up to speed and you’ll barely have spent a penny.


Consider social demographics

So you gained 100 new followers in a week, mission accomplished, right? A rapid increase in following on social media doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t directing traffic to your business. You need your followers to be from your target demographic, so make sure your posts are relevant and also up to date enough to tie in with any current affairs applicable to them.


Emerging platforms are a great place to grow a presence- don’t be afraid to close social media sites down

It can be hard to create a following straight away on established social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, as there are already so many users and so much competition for followers. Don’t be afraid to use emerging platforms – this could be the break you are after. Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to open up new social media accounts, you should also be brave enough to close them down if you feel they aren’t working for you. There’s little more irritating than trying to get in contact with a business via social media but then realising their last tweet was sent in 2014 and the account has just sat there collecting dust.