Why We’re Different

We only work with organisations and individuals that we genuinely care about, making our service uniquely intimate and personalised. We decided to apply our experience of corporate PR exclusively to the causes that really matter to us. Only if you truly believe in something can you make it fly.

What We Do

We work to give those who are making positive impact on the world the recognition they deserve. Our PR, social media and marketing teams do the groundwork at outset, and our strong connections with the media make our ideas soar.

We use our wealth of experience in the corporate sector and apply the same sharp, concise and forward-thinking PR strategies to the charity sector, NGOs, social enterprises, individuals and organisations with outstanding ethical practices or CSR policies.

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Rockin’ around the Uprise tree

Rockin’ around the Uprise tree

Happy December! We hope you're all enjoying our swanky new site as much as we are! We have Stephen James to thank for this! He joined the team as our Web Development & Digital Marketing specialist last month. We'd also like to extend a very warm welcome to our...

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Journalists and PRs – It needn’t be a battle

With the term 'fake news' being banded about on a near daily basis, there is a school of thought which suggests that the trust between PRs and journalists is being eroded. Each needs the other to achieve their objectives, but sometimes friction can get in the way....

5 reasons to love entrepreneurship

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Uprise PR launches a speech writing division

Uprise PR, an agency focused on raising the profile of start-ups and SMEs in the UK, is launching a speech writing service to help clients capitalise on keynote public speaking and after-dinner speech opportunities. The new service will offer clients access to a team...