Entrepreneurship is something that only the bravest of us take on, but there’s a reason why those who have control of their own business enjoy it so much. With all the challenges that come with creating your own business also comes excitement and satisfaction. Here’s 5 reasons why you’ll love taking the plunge:

Unconventional ideas

Entrepreneurs are the people who actually make a change in the world. Sometimes your ideas might sound a little out there, but thats all the more reason to pursue them.

Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Entrepreneurs realise that logic is limiting but unconventional ideas can truly make a difference.

It’s one of the biggest challenges you will face

Leading a company and building a team from scratch is a huge challenge. The obstacles you face and mistakes you make along the way will provide you with the experience necessary to identify future pitfalls and develop methods for navigating them.

Building relationships with other businesses who can help you achieve goals means you won’t have to go it alone. Time is something entrepreneurs don’t have enough of, so having an outsourced team to help with your PR, for example, can ease the pressure when you’re starting out – and it needn’t cost the earth.

You have control of your own future

When you work a 9-5, you can often feel constrained. Starting up your own business means that you can control when you work, where you work and even how you work.

While there’s no doubt that becoming the idea of launching a business is pretty daunting, if you’re successful, the rewards truly outweigh the fear. Of course it won’t always be plain sailing – risks will need to be taken and finances are likely to be stretched, but if you keep your eye on the end goal, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Hand-picked team

The team you surround yourself with plays a huge role in your triumphs – assembling a team of like-minded individuals that share your same determination and hunger, is vital to the success of your new venture.

This doesn’t just have to be within your immediate work environment; connecting with other businesses means you can feed off each other and ease some of the pressure by outsourcing to specialists.

Creativity that doesn’t fit the corporate environment.

Sometimes not fitting in to the corporate way of doing things can lead to a few raised eyebrows from peers. However, if you learn to embrace standing out, you have the potential to create something inspiring.