It seems there’s a common misconception that only those businesses who are selling direct to consumer need to have an effective digital media strategy. And frankly, the b2b companies not capitalising on digital media right now, are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Service businesses, more so than product businesses, rely on recommendations and referrals for new business. It’s a given that you are more likely to choose someone to perform a service for you, if one of your friends, colleagues or a family member, has had a brilliant experience using them.

Word of mouth is something that businesses have been dependent on since forever. The internet blew this wide open. Building online communities that are centred around your local area, will pay off incredibly well, in the long run. Take our client Warren’s Removals, who are easily the number one removals company in their area. This only took them 4 years – How did they do it? By creating content that was specific locally to them and being sponsors for charities/ sports teams in their area.

Of course, its not just local businesses that are benefitting from digital media. The internet elevated word of mouth, to levels that could have never previously been imagine. We can use a service in the UK and recommend it to a stranger anywhere else in the world (provided that company operates there). And with Facebook having a review option, the public’s opinion is there for everybody to see. So if you want to succeed you’re going to need not only a proactive communications system in place, but a reputation management one too.

Businesses in the b2b environment will start to see a huge upside if, instead of blurting out press release after press release on social media, they act more like the b2b magazine in their sector. Compelling storytelling is the way we communicate now and the amazing thing is, its an open playing field – the media is no longer held by 3-4 gatekeepers.

Effectively communicating with your customer is the key. Figure out a way to do that and you’ll be away.